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WT 55 - Amboseli - Tsavo - Naivasha - Maasai Mara
WT 55 - Amboseli - Tsavo - Naivasha - Maasai Mara
Duration: 6 Days
Day 01 Nairobi – Amboseli

The tarmac road passes through the Athi Plains where formerly the Burchell’s zebra, the Masai giraffe and smaller herbivores roamed about freely. With human encroachment the wildlife is confined to game parks. There is an advantage to this because one has to drive inside a park to be rewarded with the sight of many different species of animals. Amboseli National Park is reached in time for lunch. Lunch is followed by a game drive in the park at the foot of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro (19,340 ft). In the late afternoon one is likely to see a lion or cheetah make a kill. Ideal photography opportunities with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background.
Meals and overnight at a lodge/ camp in Amboseli. Full board

Day 02 Amboseli – Tsavo

After an early morning game drive, return for breakfast and leave for Tsavo West National Park.  The route follows the base of the volcanic Chyulu Hills, the youngest of the extinct volcanic range of hills (about two hundred years old) and crosses a mass of lava flows. Lunch and an afternoon game drive which includes a visit to Mzima Springs you step down into a glassed submerged tank from where one can observe hippo and a variety of fish swimming in the water.
Meals and overnight at a lodge/ camp in Tsavo. Full board

Day 03 Tsavo – Naivasha

After breakfast, leave for Naivasha. Break for lunch in Nairobi en route or direct to Naivasha. Arrive at Naivasha in the volcanic Rift Valley in time for lunch or later. Lake Naivasha has a surface of about 44 square miles. In 1929 it was found to have a depth of 34 feet. Crescent Island is part of the rim of submerged volcano whose crater forms the deepest part of the lake. In the driest years, the level of the lake dropped so that the whole rim of Crescent Island was exposed. In the distant past Lake Naivasha stood about 420 feet higher than it does now. Its outlet was at that time through the Njorowa Gorge (Hells Gate). Lake Naivasha is a bird watchers paradise.
Meals and overnight at a lodge/ camp in Naivasha. Full board

Day 04 Naivasha – Masai Mara

After breakfast, drive across the plains to arrive at the renowned Masai Mara National Reserve in time for lunch. An afternoon game drive introduces one to the number and variety of wildlife roaming the plains. The predators are usually sheltering from the hot sun, which does not mean that they are oblivious of their prey. One can expect to see the black-manned lion for which this park is famous. The large herbivores like elephant and rhino would be found near the river in the gallery forest.
Meals and overnight at a lodge/ camp in Mara. Full board

Day 05 Masai Mara National Reserve

A full day of game viewing when it should be possible to see the “big five” as well as lesser known predators and herbivores. Buck and antelopes abound in the grassland. On the early morning game drive it is possible to see lion enjoying a kill and in the late afternoon those predators that were not so lucky earlier would be trying again to corner their kill.
Meals and overnight at a lodge/ camp in Mara. Full board

Day 06 Masai Mara –Nairobi

After breakfast depart for Nairobi. Once again you will have a spectacular view from the top of the escarpment, this time with more familiar memories of the landscape. A short stop at the Italian chapel and then on to Nairobi in time for lunch.


viagra canada no prescription

viagra canada no prescription

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