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Kenya Wildlife Trails was established in 1985 and has since made a definitive mark on the Kenya Tourist Industry. We cater for all group and individual travelers. We aim to provide the safari of a lifetime and we also frequently cater for those whose one-time experience just wasn鈥檛 enough, who keep returning for more. Today we are poised to cater for the challenges on the horizons of the 21st Century and beyond...

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For all our clients we offer a personalized service from the day you arrive in our beautiful country, to the day of your departure. Our professional, permanent representatives at the international airports give you a true traditional African welcome. They are always at your assistance to facilitate your arrival and departure formalities as well as ensuring that your flight bookings are reconfirmed. Our capable and experienced office staff are also available to assist you in all ways. On arrival at your hotel you shall be briefed by our representatives on the dos and don鈥檛s and what to expect on your safari.

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles and equipment are supreme and your tour rate is all inclusive as specified in each itinerary. Everyone on our regular guaranteed departures enjoys a privileged window seat to ensure perfect viewing. The specially constructed roof hatches make superb photography easy. Our tours, with guaranteed departures every day, enable you to plan your safari according to your choice and duration of holiday.
Our entire fleet of vehicles is equipped with VHF/HF radios to provide extra security as you are always in contact with our head office, which is manned 24 hours. It also proves useful in the spotting of game, as communication between our drivers ensures that you are shown all there is to see. Driver guides are also available on mobile phones which have superb countrywide coverage.

Our Environment

We are very aware that our environment is but a gift to us. To ensure that future generations inherit聽 this planet as environmentally and ecologically safe we ensure that our vehicles are environmentally friendly. We too worry about pollution, the ozone layer and global warming as a major threat to the human race, the flora and fauna. In our small way, by our choice of fuel and regular vehicle maintenance in our own workshops, we ensure that exhaust emission is kept at a minimum, thereby assisting in the fight to preserve our planet. We are also members of the East Africa Wildlife Society. We hope that you will allow us the opportunity to show some aspects of what nature has given us and to enhance a global awareness of our rather fragile environment.

Your Hosts and Guides

Our driver tour guides have many years of experience and thousands of kilometers of safe driving to their credit. They are all Utalii trained and Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA) qualified in Kenya. They are your teachers and guides and are highly knowledgeable about the local life, the people, the fauna and the abundant bird life. The importance of skilled, informed, bilingual guides cannot be overemphasized.

Your Visit

Kenya is a land richly endowed by nature. It is a land of contrasts with snow-capped mountains and palm fringed beaches; lush farmlands and harsh deserts; misty highlands and sun-kissed Savannah; cosmopolitan cities set amidst the last bastions of great herds of roaming wildlife. All these gifts provide you much to see and remember.. Each itinerary is planned to emphasize ecologically balanced tourism that is beneficial to our environment. Our tours are always educational, though very diverse.
With your safety and comfort in mind, we also ensure that all our clients are automatically covered by the services of the Flying Doctor Society while on safari in Kenya and Tanzania. We also have a 24 hour information and security center at our offices. This means that our phones and radios are continually manned, offering round the clock service. Our center is in direct link with the Kenya Tourism Federation Security and Communication Center which offers security backup throughout Kenya.


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